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FROM: Shannon B. - Laurelhurst
Edie is amazing - she sold the house for $25,000 more then we thought it would go for. She sold it in 10 days! Over asking! In a market that is spiraling downward. We thank our lucky stars that we connected with Edie.
FROM: Kim Bertz - Queen Anne
I am tremendously satisfied with the service I received ? from the first meeting until the final move-in details, everything was very well taken care of.  It is obvious that Edie is a perfectionist, and prides  herself on attention to detail.  At the beginning of my home search, I interviewed many agents.  It was evident upon our initial meeting, that Edie was in another category from the majority.  She had materials prepared, and spoke with a confidence and true sense of care.  This was reflected through the whole process.
FROM:  David Bassett- Magnolia
Okay, I am a somewhat demanding customer. That being said, Edie is the BEST agent I've ever worked with. Her marketing, experience and interpersonal skills resulted in a full price contingent AND an offer over asking price in a softening market in LESS THAN 10 DAYS! Edie's neighborhood marketing made all the difference. Edie was also excellent in "talking me down" during the emotions of an inspection response. We interviewed five realtors and I am SO glad we chose Edie!
FROM:  Deb Albas - North Bend
"WOW"  - What a Professional!  What a Realtor!  I have worked with several Realtors and Edie is by far the best.  She made the grueling process of selling a home so much easier.  She has an abundance of knowledge and integrity coupled with years of experience.  I would highly recommend Edie to anyone and everyone whether buying or selling a home.  Thank you Edie for all your hard work, expertise and the willingness to go the extra mile.  Not only did I sell my home, but I made a true friend in the process.  Bravo!!
 FROM: Cathy Lorentz - West Seattle
Edie Pew exceeds all expectations of a Realtor.  Her market research and negotiation skills set a high bar for other professionals to match  in the industry. Her involvement on either side of a real estate transaction results in a fair result for a buyer or a seller. Her professional dedication to detail and customer satisfaction  remains unparalleled in my experience of buying or selling homes.  
FROM: Allen D. Glasenapp - Federal Way
Dear Edie,
This is in appreciation for the hard work you put into the sale of my house in Federal Way. You did a tremendous job and I want to express my gratitude for going the extra mile to ensure that I was not only well represented as a seller, but also for your delivery of a wide range of additional services that went outside the scope of just selling the house. Your network of associates and contacts in the industry gave me a broader exposure to more buyers. The various contractors that you recommended for the remodeling and repairs that I wanted to do, all did quality work at a competitive price. Your suggestions on carpet, tile, appliances and fixtures were right on the money and once they were all installed they blended together elegantly and gave the house a warm, new and fresh look. You also consistently kept me well informed in a timely fashion regarding potential offers, market conditions and on negotiations with prospective buyers. When it came down to the final offer and the financing, you did a splendid job with the details of the purchase agreement, communications with the buyer's agent, the lending institution, the title company and in smoothly navigating all the contractual legalities associated with the sale of my home. You demonstrate great pride in your work and in making sure your clients are well taken care of and well represented. I will recommend you highly to anyone seeking the services of a consummate real estate professional. It gave me great "peace of mind" to know I had a true real estate "pro" in my corner. Thank you so much.

FROM: Greg and Denise Anderson - Leschi
From the moment we responded to one of her mailers to the little celebration we had with her after closing, Edie´s performance on our behalf was superior to that of any other real estate agent with whom we have had dealings. Prior to our first meeting with her, Edie did a very thorough preparation including researching our home´s history and title, preparing a draft market analysis and identifying various potential comparisons.  In addition to her advance work, we were very impressed with her open and easy communication style during our discussion.  She explained how she liked to work with her clients and emphasized a "total care" approach (our words not hers).  This was especially important to us since we were out of town during much of the time we were readying our property for sale and during the listing period. Edie not only talked making the sales experience easy for us but she truly delivered.  Her focus on the big issues and there were a couple which she solved for us along with her attention to detail was a welcome relief to us throughout the sales process and our dealings from afar. For those reading this letter who are considering using Edie as your agent, we believe that if you do you will be as pleased as we are.

FROM: Bob and Shannon Gammon - Leschi
Dear Edie,We wanted to take the time to personally thank you for your service and dedicated efforts in selling our home in Bellevue and for assisting us in the purchase of our new home in Seattle. As a resident of Washington for over 30 years we have moved only a few times, but after the experience of selling our home and buying with you as our agent we would refer you to others without hesitation. Your personal service is unique. Your experience, knowledge and skill in marketing, advertising, negotiating and communicating each and every step of the process has been most valuable. You clearly made this most emotional experience one that we will remember fondly. We sincerely appreciate your hard work and effort in our behalf. We are happy to refer you to others. 
FROM: Chun Tay- Downtown Seattle
I had an incredible experience with Edie as my Real Estate Broker. She was incredibly approachable and patient, always listened to me. She explained what I needed to know in a way I could understand it regarding the sale of my business. She is knowledgeable, professional, friendly woman who is passionate about her work and knows the best advice to give. Her advice is priceless. She helped me form a plan with how to deal with complicated situation with my business. What can I say; She is just Amazing. Chun Tay
FROM: John Nappi - Downtown Seattle
I recently bought my first property and was lucky enough to have Edie help me through this process.  She was extremely knowledgeable about the ins and outs of buying property, and I always felt she had my best interests in mind.
Not only was she personable and knowledgeable, but she was incredibly on top of every step of the process.  Even though I was not Edie's only client, I always felt that she had the time for my concerns, and I never felt rushed.
Edie is on the buyer's side- I recommend her service wholeheartedly, and I know that when I buy my next property Edie will be the one I call.
FROM: Steve and Carol Bryant - Leschi
Edie Pew sold our home in the Leschi area. Her Tenacious and relentless pursuit of a buyer for our home helped us sell in 6 days. She Lives in the Leschi area and is extremely knowledgeable of the local Real Estate market. Her excellent negotiating skills allowed her to seek out the best deal while protecting our interests. Edie really cares about her clients and tries to make the sale transition as seamless and stress free as possible by providing information all along the way, and although we moved out of the area a few months ago we still keep in touch. We recommend her to anyone.

FROM: Jed and Carol Nahum - Madrona-Leschi 
We're lucky enough to have used Edie for both the sale of one home and the purchase of another in the Leschi neighborhood. We appreciated in both cases the comprehensiveness of Edie's knowledge of the market, as well as her action-oriented planning. On the sales side, she aggressively pursued a multi-faceted marketing plan while drawing from her extensive knowledge of our neighborhood to identify an ideally-suited buyer she'd seen about town at open houses for the past year. The net result was the perfect offer within days of listing -- for a house that was by no means a slam dunk.Amazingly, when she switched to the role of buyer's agent for us, she changed the pace and let us take the time we needed to explore the inventory out there, all the while observing our reactions and reading between the lines to zero in on what we really wanted. Perhaps most impressive was the fact that she figured out what our true needs were before we actually had. The house she found hadn't hit the market yet, and represented the perfect "everyone wins" compromise between mine and my wife's needs. When she gets tired of real estate, there's probably a career in couples counseling out there waiting for her.In both cases, Edie played the role of consummate advocate for us, and orchestrated a team of dozens of players in order to make both transactions run smoothly. Our thanks to Edie.
FROM: Bryan V. - Capitol Hill
Dear Edie, Thank you for making the sale of my condo such a breeze.  I asked you to handle all the details and bring me a clean final offer, and that is exactly what you did, and for more money than I expected!  You helped me find workers, choose fixtures, and even arranged for the cleaners.  This was my third transaction with you, and because you are such a consummate professional, I am sure that we will have more transactions down the road. Thanks for everything!
FROM: Barbara Hayes - Columbia City
Edie helped me buy the house that I'm in now, and it was a good purchase in a very difficult environment. She helped me navigate all the things that happen in this real estate market - foreclosed properties, financing in condos vs other types of properties, how to think about different neighborhoods-there are some things she recommended that wound up working well (I had to be convinced about the neighborhood I'm in, and it's worked out very well), and recommended against some things that I wouldn't have had the tools to think through well. She continued to work with my priorities as I figured out what was most important to me.
FROM: Peter Weissbach - Evertt  
Great to have Edie on your side. She does all the digging for a good deal and makes sure all the details are handled.
FROM: Jon & Kriss - West Seattle Real Estate 
Edie is a real estate agent extraordinaire.  We didn't know there was such a thing as a "full service agent" until we met Edie. She far exceeded any expectations we ever had for a real estate agent.  She came into the picture when we were overwhelmed with all the details of getting our house ready to go on the market and get it listed.  She gave us excellent advice about what needed to be done and when we needed a little help she made sure we got that help.  There was never any doubt that she would make sure that everything was done correctly and to our advantage.  Thanks to her expertise in handling the listing and marketing, we had multiple offers and the house sold in 5 days ABOVE the listing price.  I can't imagine doing any real estate business in the future without Edie.  She is amazingly gifted in her work and offers her clients total dedication & expertise and has the highest ethical standards.

FROM: Jen & Jim C - Leschi
 We were out of state owners. Edie arranged and supervised the pre-sale preparations,all the staging, cleaning, landscaping, listing and got our home sold in June 2011 in a record 24 days. She truely was amazing. We are completely satisfied and would call upon her again.

FROM: Chris Imori and Brad Boltjes - Leschi 
Dear Edie, We want to take this opportunity to tell you what convinced us to enlist you as our buyers agent and why we would definitely contract your services again. We first met you at an open house for one of your clients. We were impressed by your expert knowledge about the property and the professional manner in which you represented your clients. During our brief initial meeting, you gave us the addresses of properties that fit our criteria. We returned to schedule an appointment with you because you used your extensive and in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and excellent listening skills to quickly identify properties that matched our criteria.

Your integrity, communication and negotiation skills, and exemplary level of service convinced us to contract you as our agent. Your years of experience, wealth of knowledge, and wide network of professionals in the Seattle real estate market gained us cost-saving and time saving advantages. Prior to meeting you, we had expected that our search for a house in Seattle could take well over a year. Within three months of our first meeting you, you helped us successfully purchase a house within our preferred price range that has far exceeded our wish list. We are still amazed that while we looked at many properties, our favorites remained the initial properties you showed us.

You took the initiative to carefully research and comprehensively explain each property. Your informative tours of comparable properties that fit our criteria in a variety of neighborhoods gave us a broad perspective and sense of each neighborhood. You flagged key issues that were important for us to consider and weigh. You kept us abreast of status and new listings of interest via phone and email. Had we not met you, we would likely still be looking, or perhaps, even settled for less of a house at a higher price. We appreciate your excellent personalized client services. You catered to our schedules, coordinated tours to maximize the best use of our time, and even scheduled breaks. The breaks were a great relaxation, conversation, education, social and processing time that our entire family always enjoyed. You were always easily accessible and returned phone calls in a timely manner.

Not only did you help us gain our perfect home, but you also provided referrals for doctors, dentists, home furnishing services, restaurants, schools, and more. We know we can depend on you for reputable referrals. You worked with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. You carefully listened to our priorities and acknowledged the unique, sometimes conflicting, preferences of each family member. You helped us to identify, respect, communicate, and prioritize our preferences. We often turned to you for advice and counsel, yet you never took sides and rarely offered your own opinions. Your perspective was invaluable when you offered your insights. Your shared information about the neighborhoods and community services remains invaluable. The digital photos you took and gave us were invaluable in assessing the pros and cons of each property. The photos helped us to confirm our decisions and also to identify conditions to incorporate into our offer.

You handled the offer process, negotiations, and contracts in a very professional, effective, and efficient manner. Your negotiation skills, commitment to our best interest, and knowledge of the builder and history of the property moved us quickly to an agreement in which all parties were satisfied. Your insightfulness ensured that inspection issues and upgrade requests would be delivered within a reasonable time frame. You offered sound advice regarding issues and always worked in our best interest while achieving a win-win-win outcome. You set a respectful tone that has been very beneficial toward maintaining a positive relationship with the builder.

You are obviously a dedicated professional who respects and cares about your associates and clients. If the level of service that you provided us is the standard you deliver to all your clients, you are truly the best! We feel very fortunate to have met you. You not only provided us with an amazing new home, but also a wonderful new friendship!

FROM: Lisa K. Fernow - Madrona
Edie Pew was outstanding. She understands the buying and selling process, knows the market, is professional, understanding and a thorough Realtor. I had very specific and unusual needs in a house, and had articulated what I wanted. Edie listened actively to my needs. She clearly understood what was important  and was patient and enthusiastic throughout the many months we looked. When she found the house of my dreams it was as a result of her dedication. Edie was very helpful in working with me on negotiating and ensured all the parties followed through with their responsibilities . The importance of having a Realtor like Edie cannot be overstated. I would recommend her highly. Lisa K. Fernow
FROM: Lyndall Nipps & Buck Irwin - Capitol Hill
When we decided to sell our Seattle home and move back to California, we were admittedly apprehensive, due to the state of the current overall economy. We interviewed 3 agents in total. Edie Pew was not only the one who most impressed us with her presentation and thoroughness, but she also gave us a strong sense of confidence about moving forward. Edie came recommended highly by our friends, Greg and Denise Anderson. They felt we could not go wrong, and that we would ultimately feel like we made the right choice through Edie. Edie was always professional, courteous, concerned, empathetic, but the characteristic which stands out most in our minds is her strong sense of making the experience about us; about our needs superseding those of others around us. Edie was not only tenacious and a strong advocate in our negotiations, she always apprised us of current status, and never rushed us to make a decision. Many agents with whom we have dealt in the past have had a superficial quality of making a client feel valued, when they actually only wanted to hurry through to the next client. Edie always made us feel important, and totally focused upon. The Landmark Group is lucky to have an agent like Edie Pew , and we feel that any client would be lucky to have her as their Real Estate Agent. We recommend Edie Pew highly.

FROM: James Hing - Judkins Park
Edie is simply the best Real Estate professional I have ever worked with and I have worked with many. She is knowledgeable, dedicated to making her client completely satisfied, meticulous in the details and her skills at negotiation and communication are unmatched by anyone I have ever used to buy or sell real estate. If you are selling a home her advertising and marketing expertise will get your home SOLD! If you are a buyer she will find you the home you want and get you the best price,terms and location. She really understands how to make the process work for you.As she says "Remember it's all about you ! When it's your time, choice,and money, Why not work with A Realtor who gets the results YOU want because life is waiting!"

FROM: Brian Williams - Oueen Anne
Success in Real Estate is priceless so when you need the best agent in Seattle call Edie!
FROM: Aileen & Joel - Burien 
"You are amazing!  It just  happened that the Best Realtor who is most knowledgeable on Short Sales answered the phone when we inquired about the Burien home we purchased. Her knowledge on remodeling, construction, septic systems was so very valuable in helping us through the roller coaster ride with the seller and lien holder .
From the buyers lender: Thank you, also, for all of your hard work on this.  I know what a challenge this transaction has been and you have handled it BEAUTIFULLY!!!  I hope to be able to work with you again in the future :)

FROM: Bruce Baugh- Bellevue 
I have used Edie to sell raw land and have referred her to people that are looking at selling or buying a house . Edie, did and outstanding job for our son in dealing with a landlord on some rental property. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a job done with results that are well above the norm. She sets the bar really high.
FROM: Shelly Haverkamp- Madrona 
Edie helped me buy a short-sale house, and she was terrific! She really knows her stuff, and was responsive, good-humored and effective every step of the way through a complex process. Plus, she has a whole team of great people working with her -- from escrow to title to contractors, and even an appliance guy (she got me a good deal on a new fridge!). I couldn't have bought my new home without her. Highly recommended!