Renton Highlands Real EstateRenton is a wonderful place to live with terrific neighborhoods, friendly people, diverse housing choices, and beautiful parks. The City recognizes and supports it's neighborhoods as one of the primary reasons Renton residents enjoy such a high quality of life.

With explosive population growth and the construction of hundreds of new homes to the east, the Renton Highlands neighborhood, with its World War II-era housing and underutilized shopping malls, was ripe for redevelopment. Housing in Renton is considerably less expensive than Seattle and Bellevue and numerous new developments provide a greater range of choices. The relative affordability of homes in the City of Renton allows many families to make their first home purchase in our community, and others to move into a home with more features and amenities than they could afford in other Puget Sound markets.

Renton Real Estate market has seen many new homes, town homes, and condos built over the past 10 years. Renton is bordered on the east by the City of Issaquah to the north Kennydale -Bellevue to the south Kent. There are many exceptionally fine homes, town houses, condos and vacant land located in Renton Highlands real estate market.

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