Whether you are a first time home buyer or seller I am here to assure your
Real Estate Success Story.
Here is what a recent Home buyer had to say:
What part of the real estate process was the most frustrating for you?
It was remarkably easy!  It was daunting at the beginning to feel like there was so much territory
to cover.
What part of the real estate process was the most rewarding for you?
Finding a place I could call home was the most rewarding.  It was also great to have Edie explaining
and teaching me every step of the way.  Because she was so willing to explain everything from the documentation to the actual process, I knew she had my best interest at hear.
What do you think could have been done for you to make the process easier for you?Nothing!  My loan process was a bit lengthy and convoluted, but this bears no reflection on my agent, and full reflection on my lender. 

What would you recommend I could do to improve my services?
I am tremendously satisfied with the service I received ? from the first meeting until the final move-in
details, everything was very well taken care of.  It is obvious that Edie is a perfectionist, and prides
herself on attention to detail.  At the beginning of my home search, I interviewed many agents. 
It was evident upon our initial meeting, that Edie was in another category from the majority.  She had
materials prepared, and spoke with a confidence and true sense of care.  This was reflected through
the whole process.

What did you like the most about my services?
Edie´s patience and pride in her work was wonderful.  She helped educate me on every aspect of the purchase, which was tremendously helpful.  She is a true professional who loves what she does! 
This benefits all clients and makes the process easy and fun. Thanks for the great service! 

Kim B June 2007 

First Time Home buyers

I listen to what my buyers want and need, the area they prefer to live in, the lifestyle they aspire to and what they can afford now and how to get there, their expectations, their current financial picture , and many , many  other things. I listen to everything that they share with me and I ask important questions. I provide a buyers with home tours, home information, documentation and reports, financial overviews of outcomes of decisions they may make ( What if);  information which supports a specific home buying decision.  In some cases I provide Vendor referral to take care of issues out of my scope of expertise. Please give me a call or email me at edielepew@comcast.net

Thank you for your consideration 

Edie E Pew